The audience came knowing in advance that Mr. Simon would play impeccably, sensitively, smoothly, elegantly. He disappointed nobody. Everything in the programme demonstrated pianism and sheer control of a miraculous order.

-         New York Times


He can undertake the formidable feat, both books of the Brahms-Paganini variations, and leave the auditor not only admiring the dauntless but never redundant technical display, but basking in the rich Brahmsian warmth which underlies the glittering surface.

-         Chicago Tribune


Abbey Simon is surely one of the greatest pianists of our time, a pianist who is absolutely truthful in everything he plays.

-         Haagshe Courant (The Hague)


Abbey Simon in his playing recalls the days of Hofmann, Godowsky and Rachmaninoff.

-         San Francisco Examiner


Communing was a word that often came to mind last night listening to Abbey Simon’s piano recital in Carnegie Hall.

-         New York Times




The resplendent playing of Abbey Simon in Rachmaninoff’s Third Piano Concerto at the Festival Hall last night was the focal point in the London Philharmonic’s concert, a shining light putting all else in the shade in the way of performance.

-         The Times, London


In the Brahms (B-Flat Concerto), Mr Simon was spectacular. Seldom has a pianist managed to make this awkward piano writing sound so easy, aristocratic and flowing.

-         New York Times


The shouts of joy… were meant for the pianist Abbey Simon, a modest musician who turns the piano into a well of sound…Rachmaninoff’s Third Piano Concerto glittered like a multi-colored glass ball.

-         Vienna Observer


….in a delectable performance of the Chopin F Minor Concerto… his playing was fresh, fluent, and gracefully expressive, with supple phrasing and handsome shadings of tone and dynamics.

-         New York Times


 Abbey Simon’s performance in Beethoven’s G Major Piano Concerto… was extraordinarily satisfying in its combination of easy technical mastery and natural, un exaggerated musical sensibility.

-         London Telegraph




Ravel : Valses Nobles et Sentimentales; Gaspard de la Nuit (Turnabout TVS 34397)

Pianist Abbey Simon has achieved in this recording performances of the piano music of Ravel which I can only describe as being among the best I have ever heard… The Valses hang poised, and evanesce into clouds of color with a suavity and strength that are indeed “noble”. Gaspard de la Nuit flows like a river at night, churned up here and there in sparkling reflections and waves of mist-like emotion. 

-          Stereo Review


Schumann : Carnaval, op. 9; Fantasie in C major, op. 17 (Turnabout TVS 34432)

A very intense presentation which provides a key to Schumann’s manner of composition and which is completely akin to Schumann. “Hats off, gentlemen – a musician !” 

-          FonoForum


Chopin Piano Sonatas : No. 2, in B-flat minor, op.35;  No. 3 in B minor, op. 58 (Turnabout TV 34272)

… I was left completely stunned by the experience of Abbey Simon’s performance of these two movements (third and fourth of the B-flat minor) – not only by the musical drama per se, but by his mastery of pedal technique and dynamics.

                -    Stereo Review



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